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Ruff Ryders take out the inaugral Capital Premier 'Curry Cup' 2015

The inaugural Capital Premier Cup was held at Kilbirnie rink last Saturday 7 November 2015.  Four teams of premier grade players from Penguins were drafted to play top level hockey for the coveted 'Curry Cup'.

The competition started off with an exciting shoot out after the first game, which took 9 rounds to determine the winning goal (scored by Nick Robinson from Storytellers). A total of four round-robin games were played, with the winners playing the fifth and final game. With Paul Jameson's team In-Accordance  and Lewis Taiapa's team Storytellers knocked out in the round robin, the two finalists were Bevan Varney's team No-Shows, and Liam Shields' team Ruff Ryders. After a quick goal scoring flurry by Ruff Ryders, the No-Shows weren't able to reign them in, resulting in a decisive win for Ruff Ryders.

Well done to all the players and goalies.  It was a busy and fast afternoon and evening of hockey. The games were witnessed by players' supporters, and by some of our junior club members who, no doubt, will be playing top class hockey soon themselves.

Thanks also to Zoe Rose-Curnow and Kathleen Rose for helping out with the scoring, and to Summer's Mum's Curry Sauces who sponsored the event providing both the trophy and a hearty curry meal for the players.

The next meet is scheduled before start of the 2016 season. I can't wait!

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